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All petitions view

On the left side of the partner admin dashboard is the main partner toolbar. If you click on the “All” button, you’ll see a list of  all of the petitions that are included in your partnership.

From this page, you can see a list of all the petitions and some basic information about each petition. Clicking the title of the petition will bring you to the petition’s signature page and clicking the gear icon will take you to the petition’s manage page. Next to the gear and wrench icons, you can see the petition’s creation date. If you look at the first petition in the above image, you’ll also see two icons – one a flag and the other a struckthrough eye. These icons are shorthand for petition status. The flag with the number next to it denotes that the petition was flagged as inappropriate that number of times. The struckthrough-eye means that the petition has been hidden from public view, either by the petition creator or by an admin.

The “Signatures” column shows the total number of signatures the petition has received. Note that depending on how the partnership is set up, all of these signers may be added to your mailing list or only the portion of those signers that have specifically opted into your list.

The “Page Views” columns shows the number of times the petition has been viewed, and the number of signatures divided by the number of views equals the sign rate.

The next column, “Created By” gives you some information about the petition creator, including their name, email, and phone number (if provided).

Finally, the “Admin Status” column tells you the petition’s current moderation status. The moderation status assigned to the petition determines its visibility, so if the moderation status is not correct, you should contact your admin at MANIFESTA.

The next section gives a quick summary of moderation statuses.