Armenia’s leader resigns amid peaceful mass protests

Armenia's longtime leader stepped down April 23, toppled by an overwhelming wave of peaceful, homegrown protests in what had been one of the post-Soviet world's most stagnant states. The move set off a wave of unprecedented celebration in the country and set the stage for what promises to be a dramatic, unpredictable political future. [...]

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New Global Listening Report Available for Download

Effective communication is at the heart of all successful advocacy; analyzing the problem and its resolution correctly, consulting widely and then framing goals in ways that are persuasive, and in language that can easily be understood. For such communication to connect with those we wish to influence, it is vital to be humble before [...]

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Survey the landscape

“Examine the political, economic or social terrain – with an experienced eye and sound judgement, in much the same way a general might explore the terrain before battle.” It is always important, when preparing to launch a campaign, to analyse existing or potential support as well as potential opposition. In other words, to map [...]

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Setting goals, devising ‘asks’ – clear asks make goals clear to everyone.

Clear, measurable goals and objectives should emerge from the deep, participatory process of ‘cutting the diamond’. Without such a process organizations can waste time, effort and money on elegant plans and lofty aspirations that push campaigns into a dead-end. Once your goals are clearly defined e.g. ‘Save the Whales’ – a key question then [...]

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Winning in the court of public opinion

Let’s be clear: the purpose of public advocacy is to give voice, particularly to those who are marginalized and who want to bring about change. To win arguments in what I call ‘the court of public opinion’; and then to achieve the desired outcome. For such advocacy to be e!ective, campaigners have to adopt [...]

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What does it take to achieve results?

To build a campaign or movement, to give voice to and mobilise large numbers of people and achieve lasting social change takes first and foremost a belief in others; but also the fuel of passion, creativity and drive. Great campaigns take huge ambition, intelligence, creativity, skill and hard work. They require the commitment and [...]

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Cutting the diamond is concerned with finding the core of an issue.

A fundamentally important stage of any successful campaign is the critical and intellectually immersive process that I define as ‘cutting the diamond’. Thinking of the diamond cutters of Antwerp helps describe this process. Diamond-cutters can spend up to two years carefully studying a single rough diamond, before analysing where the stone should be cut. [...]

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This Feminista is Working on International Women’s Day

Manifesta is a digital platform where feminist organizations and activists can run their own campaigns and build an informed and influential global community of like-minded gender equality and women’s human rights supporters. Manifesta was an outcome of the April 2013 Innovation & Action on Resource Mobilization for Women’s Rights meeting hosted by the Association [...]

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