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Creating Events

Organizing and attending offline events are major elements of an active campaign. Manifesta helps campaigners and organizations bring their campaign to the streets.

The events toolset includes everything you need to create an event and invite your supporters to participate.

Creating your Event

You can create an event once your petition has received more than 100 signatures and has been moderated to a level of “good” or above.

Once your petition passes these thresholds, a new tab will appear in the lower right hand on the manage campaign page.

By clicking into the “Organise Events” tab, you can easily and quickly create an event for your petition.

The information included in this form will be shown on your event page (with the exception of the attendee limit). By default, events do not have set end times, but if you need to include one, you can click “set end time.”

The location field will automatically fill based on google maps search results. It is important to only search for the address of the event location (for example, you shouldn’t enter ‘Outside the Safeway’ as your location, instead search for ‘Safeway [Anywhere, NY]’ or  ‘Safeway [123 Main Street]).

When creating an event, you can also set an attendee limit. When a limit set, the system will only accept that number of Yes RSVPs. Once the limit is reached, site visitors will be asked if they want to join the waiting list for the event. If one of the confirmed attendees then switches his response, or if the attendee limit is raised, members on the waiting list will be emailed — in the order that they joined the waiting list — that space has opened up and that they can attend the event.

Once the event is created, event hosts can click “Manage” to edit event details, upload an image, view attendees, and/or edit default emails.

Event hosts, attendees, and admins can use the event’s forum to finalize details, discuss the event, or report back after the event.

When you create your petition event, the petition name will be included on the event page.