Ending your campaign 2018-04-25T11:37:02+00:00

Ending your campaign

To end your campaign, log into your account, click “My Campaigns,” and choose the appropriate campaign. From the manage screen, click the “End Campaign” button.

After clicking to end your campaign, a pop-up box will appear asking for more information about why you’ve decided to end your campaign.

If you won your campaign, consider including an explanation of how you won – did the petition target agree to your petition ask? Was there an in-person petition delivery or protest? If the petition target gave you a timeline for implementing the changes you campaigned for, you can include it here. Are there next steps for your cause? Let your supporters know. If you lost your campaign, explain why. The lessons you learned here may be helpful to future campaigners. Did you lose the battle, but not the war? Let people know what’s next for your issue – what should they be focusing on now? Should they be petitioning a different target? The information you include here can help your supporters, and the organization, run more effective campaigns on this issue in the future. Have you decided to end your campaign for another reason? You can enter that here too. Keep in mind that if you want to hide your campaign from public view for a short period of time, while you make edits or strategic decisions, etc., you can choose to hide the petition, instead of ending your campaign.

Organization administrators will be notified once you click to confirm the end of your campaign. They may contact you for more information regarding your campaign.