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Tata Traore-Rogers is a seasoned nonprofit executive and a passionate advocate for women’s rights, in the US and abroad. Tata is currently the Executive Director of Manifesta, an independent digital campaigning platform grounded in human rights and feminist principles.  Manifesta seeks to advance, change, and take collective action for gender equality and women’s and girls’ rights, connecting individuals around the world to the work of feminist organizations and networks.  Manifesta expands users understanding and willingness to engage and take action and encourages individuals to fund women’s and girls’ rights organizations and causes.


Prior to becoming the head of Manifesta, Tata was Executive Director of Turning Point Brooklyn a community-based organization that provides “at-potential” residents of Greater Brooklyn with integrated housing, education, health, and social services. All services are strength-based, aimed at helping clients improve their self-efficacy and self-sufficiency.   


Before that, Tata served as Deputy Executive Director at the Astraea Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting groups working to secure human rights for the LGBTI people, and advancing gender, racial, economic and social justice worldwide. In partnership with Astraea’s Executive Director, Tata worked to develop and direct the Foundation’s strategic and operational plans.


Tata is often engaged to work internationally as a meeting planner, facilitator, and coach.  She also serves on a number of local nonprofit boards. Tata is an adjunct professor at CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College where she teaches courses on Urban Public Health and Community Health. Tata is fluent in several languages and a former resident of France, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Senegal and as such, brings a unique intercultural perspective to her work.  She is currently training to become a psychoanalyst at Reik Institute of Psychoanalysis. She lives in Brooklyn with her two daughters.

Tata specializes in consulting, coaching and training in: executive leadership, team-building, culture change, internal communications, annual planning, staff evaluation, staff development, sustainable work environments.