Can I schedule an event?

Petition owners can use MANIFESTA to create events such as rallys and meetings once your petition has received more than 100 signatures and has been moderated to a level of “good” or above. Local Groups can schedule events for their group. To learn more about how to create events, go to support/events.


I want to learn more. Where do I go from here?

Ah, grasshopper. You have understood the principles of campaigning 101 and are ready for more advanced teachings. Excellent. Here’s the thing. Sometimes your campaign is won pretty quickly, and that’s an amazing feeling. Other times, a campaign needs a movement of supporters behind it to really succeed. When the barriers to change are high this [...]


How will signing petitions make a difference?

Petitions provide a useful snapshot of the level of public support for an issue and put forward a list of people who all share a common commitment or concern. And they don’t always need a big number to make a big impact – think about a local issue where a petition of 20 neighbours on [...]


How can I run a campaign on MANIFESTA?

You start a petition on the Campaigner website. You recruit your networks, friends and fellow campaigners to sign it, and they get their friends to sign. We send it out to a few thousand of the Campaigner’s members. They get really excited about it, so we send it to everyone in your city, your country, [...]


Who controls the data on the site?

While member data is collected using the platform, MANIFESTA and it’s partners Control Shift and Change Sprout do not own the data, nor is it processed except as directed by the Customer or as required for the operation of the platform. We treat member data as confidential information and take precautions to prevent the unauthorized [...]