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Managing your petition

Once you’ve created your petition, you’ll be able to access to a variety of tools aimed at running effective campaigns. To view a list of all of the campaigns that you’ve created, log in and click the down arrow next to your name. Then choose “My Campaigns.” When you click the campaign you want to work on, you’ll be brought to that petition’s manage page. From this page, you can share your petition on Facebook or Twitter. You can also invite specific friends to sign your petition or you can share your petition via email. In addition to the sharing options, this page also includes a variety of other tools to help you run your campaign.

Edit petition

This link allows you to edit your petition’s text. This view includes the text boxes that were part of the initial, petition-creation template; however, this view also has new fields, allowing you to share your plans for delivering your petition, link to your campaign’s Facebook page, and link to an external campaign site. If you choose to include links, they’ll appear below your petition’s image on the signing page. When making edits to your campaign, keep in mind that updates should not substantially change your petition, especially if people have already signed. If you make substantial changes to your campaign, your petition may require additional moderation from administrators. Additionally, if your petition has already reached 100 signatures, you may be asked to explain why you are changing your petition’s text. Once you’ve finished editing your campaign, hit save and you’ll be brought to the signing page. To return to the manage page from the signing page, click the “manage” button located to the right of the petition title.

Set Short URL

From the manage page, you can click the “Set Short URL” link, which allows you to set an alternate web address for your petition. This can be useful if you’re including your campaign’s web address on Twitter, or in written materials.

Add more Admins

The “Campaign Admins” button allows you to invite other users to help run your campaign. These users will be given access to all of the same tools that you can use.

Hide your petition

If you don’t want site visitors to be able to see your campaign, click “Hide Petition.” If you change your mind, you can click to reactivate your campaign at any time.

Contact settings

By default, petition viewers are able to contact you by clicking the envelope next to your name.

The checkbox shown below controls contact settings.

If you don’t want people to be able to contact you, uncheck this box.

If you want to contact your supporters via email, click “Email Supporters.” From here you can email everyone who has signed your petition.

Email for your campaign

You can create your own email, or use one of the templates as a starting point. To use one of the templates, click “Apply” at the bottom of the page. However, you should feel free to draft a personalized email. After reviewing your email, you can click “send test email to myself” to preview your email. When you’re satisfied, click send.

Blast emails have to be approved by administrators; once the email has been approved, it will be sent to your supporters.

If you want to collect signatures in person, choose “Collect Signatures on Paper.” When you click “Printable Blank Form,” a pdf version of your petition is created, with rows to allow for signatures. After collecting signatures, return to this page to input them.

Each petition also includes a timeline located at the bottom of the petition’s signing page.

This timeline is automatically updated as your petition reaches new signature targets (10 signatures, 25 signatures, etc.). As a petition creator, you can also add updates to the timeline to keep your supporters up to date on the progress of your campaign. You can also embed various types of media, like images, pdfs, and videos.

When you’re ready to deliver your petition, return to your petition’s manage pane and choose “Deliver Petition.” You can click to download a pdf of your petition or a csv spreadsheet of the signatures. This page also includes tips and tricks to help you plan your petition delivery and make it as effective as possible.

These tools will help you run the most effective campaign possible. Good luck!