In 2008 a woman was killed every 40 hours; in 2014, every 30. In those seven years, the media 1,808 published news about femicide. How many women were killed just for being women in 2015? We do not know. But we do know that we have to say enough. In these years, femicide left nearly 1,500 orphaned children, and some of them are forced to live with murderers. This is a problem for all people. The solution must also be inclusive. We need to add commitments to change a culture that tends to think of women as objects of consumption and disposal and not as an autonomous person.

16 Days of Activism


16 Days Of Activism Location | Global Ending Gender Violence The real motive of harassment is intimidation. To make its target scared or uncomfortable, and to make the harasser feel powerful. But what if we work together to take that power away by exposing it by documenting, mapping, and sharing incidents of harassment. [...]